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Welcome to Owen Lostetter's Mandala Gallery at Lostenartgallery.com. After veiwing this  gallery you may wish to visit Owen 's other digital art galleries (coming soon) as well as Al's galleries or the Collaborations gallery.  
The Mandala Series began humbly and grows exponentially.  The series contains more than 140 mandalas  created without the aid of photographs, scans, or any other input besides illustrating tools  within the computing environment.  I use the word mandala to describe these images not because I am a Buddhist, nor that I wish to become one, but primarily because they are composed as squares.  There is good reason why mandalas of the  Eastern tradition are composed as such.  The square is equilibrium embodied, and is in itself the most complete and  steady shape in the geometric universe.  However the square  is of a dynamic nature.  Unlike the circle which continually draws all focus and direction to  its center, the square implies two, four, and even eight directions.  Each side and corner has its own specific character in relation to the whole, precisely because each  exists in relation to an opposite: top to bottom, right to left.  The circle is one while the square is two representing one.  
You will find that many of the Mandala Series are a combination of the two; that is, the square and the circle.   The circle in the square allows the viewer to travel around the circumfrence of the circle without drawing all attention immediately to the center, while at the same time it provides the decisive oneness and centerdness that the square would rather represent in duallity and opposition.  So you see why Buddhists use mandalas for meditation.  Contemplatively absorbed they reveal the complex nature of our own struggle to find centerdness, wholeness, oneness, etc... Enjoy the gallery and please be sure to visit all ten pages.  Each page contains groups that inform one another, and for the most part are presented chronologically.  Please click on any image for a larger view and the option to shuttle forward and backward to the next image from the gallery.  Click on "Return to Gallery"  below each image to return to the page from which it came.  As with all images at this site,  Lostenart offers limited edition giclees on canvas, heavy fine art paper, and enhanced matte paper of every picture in this series .  Individual details about available sizes and edition numbers will appear next to each image.