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  Digital Drawings  

 Welcome to Owen Lostetter's digital drawings and paintings page.  All of the following digital art was created with the aid of a pressure sensitive pen-tablet.  The pen-tablet essentially transforms the computer's mouse pointer into an effective and versatile drawing and painting tool, not unlike a more traditional fine art material.  The pen stylus is capable of sensing a wide range of pressure sensitivity, allowing the artist to render subtleties in color, shading, and line weight.   Digital drawing offers a wide range of possibilities not always available with conventional methods.  Owen has begun using this digital drawing method in the realm of figure drawing.  For a very illustrative, and also entertaining, speed painting that captures the digital drawing process follow this link to YouTube.  Digital drawing is a quickly advancing aspect of the digital art world, and is another tool that the Lostenart team is already putting to dramatic effect in our Limited Edition prints.