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Welcome to the Lostenart Collaborations Gallery.  After viewing this gallery you may wish to visit either Al's or Owen's galleries individually using the navigation bars directly above.  Our collaborative images are digital originals, often combining elements from  Al's masterful watercolor and acrylic paintings of exotic macaw feathers, buffaloe skulls, eagle feathers, and figure drawings with Owen's bold, colorful,  and abstract digital art.  There are also collaborations that do not contain elements from Al's paintings or drawings, but were executed and brain-stormed in the digital environment by father and son together.  Many of these new collaborations  have a certain fantastical edge, revealing alien sub-conscious landscapes populated by archetypes of the soul.  Take time looking at the images, and allow your mind to wander over the landscape of the picture. You will find that even similar versions of a single image carry their own specific emphasis, their own unique voices. Think about the circle of life, and how death itself generates life.  Think about the four Sacred Elements: fire, water, earth, and air.  Think about  geometry and the underlying form it breathes into everything. Think about duallity: symmetry and assymmetry, dark and light, circle and square, form and void.