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Welcome to Al's Pot's Gallery at  Al's galleries have be divided and speciallized into specific areas of interest for which  he is best known as a painter: pots, feathers,  ledger series paintings, and a gallery with all combinations, and "More", thereof.  Please utilize the navigation bars above to visit these  other galleries as well as Owen's digital art  galleries, and of course the Collaborations Gallery.  Below (page one of this gallery)  you will find one of Al's most popular image sets.  Reproduced from the  original watercolor/acrylic painting, "Pots",  this versatile collection of Southwest pottery styles combines  Al's keen eye for design and his profound ability to interpret creative traditions from his own intimate perspective.  As with all images at this site,  Lostenart offers limited edition giclees of this series on canvas, heavy fine art paper, and enhanced matte paper.  The single pots may be purchased either as a series of all nine images or, due to popular demand, on an individual basis at a distinct size from the group edition. Please click on any image for a larger view and the option to shuttle forward and backward to each image.  Click on "Return to Gallery"  below each image to return to the main thumbnail gallery.

Pots Gallery