Welcome to Lostenart Gallery, representing the Fine Art Giclee Prints of Al Lostetter and Owen Lostetter. We are the exclusive outlet for archival  Reproductions and Digital Original fine art prints of our own work. Please navigate our various galleries and click on any thumbnail for a larger view.  Also please inquire about prices and sizes of our limited edition prints, and be sure to visit the FAQ and Links page for more detailed information about our print making process and where to find other bodies of work by the Lostetters. Enjoy!

Lostenart is pleased to announce the opening of "Lost Cowboy Tattoo and Gallery", where Owen is a resident tattoo artist and  Al is showing orgininal paintings.  Plenty of the Lostenart Collaborations are available and on display at Lost Cowboy.  As alway we also enjoy seeing new faces as well as regular visitors to the Lostetter Gallery during the Annual Abiquiu Studio Tour.  Follow this [link] to see some pics of our last installation of prints at the Abiquiu Inn.  Also be sure to visit the Spirit Animal Art of Kathie Lostetter online.    

Most recent additions to the site include an all new gallery by Owen of Digital Drawings and Paintings.  Also Owen has added some new mandalas on page ten of the Mandalas Gallery.  Be sure to check out "Continuously Ending", our newest collaboration, in the Collaborations Gallery and  four new images in  Al's Ledgers Galleries.  We have also posted some pics of some framed work as was available at the "Lostenart Fine Art Print Exhibition".  Visit  AL's Pots Gallery or Owen's Mandala Gallery and click on the images at the top of the page to view how we present our stretched and framed canvas pieces. 


Limited edition fine art prints reproduced from original watercolor and acrylic painting by al lostetter artist. This versatile collection of Southwest pottery styles combines Al's keen eye for design and his profound ability to interpret creative traditions from his own intimate perspective. Lostenart offers limited edition giclee prints of this series on canvas, heavy fine art paper, and enhanced matte paper. The single pots may be purchased either as a series of all nine images or, due to popular demand, on an individual basis at a distinct size from the group edition. Please click on any image for a larger view and the option to shuttle forward and backward to each image.



Historic Native American ledger painting interpreted by Al Lostetter artist. Buy Fine art prints incorporating Al's fascination with historic plains indian ledger painting.



Buy fine art prints giclees of Al Lostetter's paintstakingly rendered paintings including eagle feathers, macaw feathers, and other bird feathers commonly appreciated for their healing ceremonial power amongst indigenous spiritual practitioners around the world.




Al lostetter artist more gallery. Fine art prints as digital reproductions of his watercolor and acrylic paintings. Gallery of Landscapes
Choose between canvas or fine art paper for your Limited Edition Giclee Print. All prints are guaranteed archival and meet or exceed the industry standard in digital fine art print making.



Mandala Series Compositions Digital Drawings
The Mandala Series by the Owen Lostetter artist began humbly and grows exponentially. The series contains more than 140 mandalas created without the aid of photographs, scans, or any other input besides illustrating tools within the computing environment. I use the word mandala to describe these images not because I am a Buddhist, nor that I wish to become one, but primarily because they are composed as squares. There is good reason why mandalas of the Eastern tradition are composed as such. The square is equilibrium embodied, and is in itself the most complete and steady shape in the geometric universe. However the square is of a dynamic nature. Unlike the circle which continually draws all focus and direction to its center, the square implies two, four, and even eight directions. Each side and corner has its own specific character in relation to the whole, precisely because each exists in relation to an opposite: top to bottom, right to left. The circle is one while the square is two representing one. digital drawing and painting by Owen Lostetter




Al and Owen Lostetter  2011